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I'm Tasha a mum of 2, well 3 if you count the dog. 

A little bit about me ... I love Disney & Marvel, Boxing is my hobby and my favourite place to be is the beach.

I'm level 3 qualified Personal Trainer & Class Instructor, as well as a MNU Certified Nutritionist having a level 5 diploma in advanced nutrition science.

I was always involved with sports at school but as I got older the amount I took part in got less and less. It wasn't until after having my children I got back into exercise and realised how much it makes a difference both physically & mentally.


So I decided to take the plunge to become a Personal Trainer and Engage Fitness Services (EFS) was created, I've been training people and running group classes ever since.


I love my job, because I love helping people & seeing them achieve things they didn't think were possible. Watching someone grow as a person in both confidence & strength is a amazing thing.

I understand how difficult it can be (especially when your a mum) to make time for exercising and implementing those lifestyle changes for the better so my aim is to support you every step of your journey not just those moments when you are in the gym.

Selfie from our awesome family day our l

All about EFS

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